Changing HR and Payroll legislation – are you ready for April 2020?

By Anthony Wolny | 19th February 2020 | 7 min read

Hailed as the biggest workplace legislation changes for over 20 years, the Government’s Good Work Plan has set the cogs in motion for a mass upheaval of UK employment law over the next few years.

The changes are set to be vast. But we’ll be here to help you keep on top of it all.

First up, work through our checklist of the key changes to HR and Payroll legislation from April 2020 that your business needs to respond to…

  1. Statutory Bereavement Pay

Bereaved parents will be entitled to two weeks’ leave following the death of a child. Subject to the relevant qualifying criteria, this leave will be paid at the statutory paternity rate.

  1. Company Car Tax

Tariffs are changing to encourage the use of electric and low-emissions vehicles.

  1. Employment Allowance

Employment Allowance will now be limited to employers with a National Insurance bill lower than £100,000 in the previous tax year.

  1. Class 1A Termination Payments

These payments must now be reported in the RTI Full Payment Submission (FPS) within each pay period.

  1. Sporting Testimonials

All income from sporting testimonials and benefit matches for an employed sportsperson will be chargeable to employer National Insurance Contributions.

  1. EYU to Previous Year FPS

HMRC has extended the use of the FPS to allow employers to continue to report revised year to date payment data after the deadline of 19 April.

  1. Off-payroll Working (IR35)

Contractors now need to be processed like a standard employee so they pay the correct tax and National Insurance.

Get ready for more Good Work

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