Here to Help – understanding the Job Retention Scheme

Job Retention Scheme
By Anthony Wolny | 5th May 2020 | 8 min read

More than 70% of businesses have furloughed employees in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Now, to avoid furloughing becoming a “waiting room for redundancy”, many are urging the Government to extend the Job Retention Scheme until at least the end of September.

By offering financial support from the government, the Job Retention Scheme aims to support businesses furlough employees instead of making them redundant. But, the guidelines and process to access the financial support has been continually developing ever since the scheme was first announced.

Ever evolving guidance, processes and calculations have caused what should be a helpful support scheme to become complicated, uncertain and time consuming for SMEs to keep up with.

That’s why we’ve launched a new service to help.

Through our new furlough assistance scheme, our consultants and trainers, who have already helped over 300 customers with furlough calculations, can help you understand the latest guidance from HMRC and GOV.UK and how your HR system can help.

Using the HMRC Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Portal, we can help you pursue your claims.

Contact our expert team on 0344 815 5554 to find out more.

You can also explore our Job Retention Scheme FAQs on our parent company’s website, IRIS Software Group.