How Cascade HR saved Christmas

By Anthony Wolny | 20th December 2019 | 9 min read

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St Nicholas would be there.

While businesses across the country may be winding down and spreading the festive cheer, one organisation in particular has been feeling nothing but fear.

Santa’s workshop is currently facing its busiest time of year with tight deadlines to meet, there’s a vast number of new employees that need training and they were feeling the heat.

St Nicholas the Chief People Officer was busy with an awful lot to do, but now thanks to Cascade HR he’s finally got time for a brew.

Taken from the big man in red himself, we’ve pulled together his official Christmas HR task list that Cascade HR has managed to assist.

Santa’s seasonal task list



Due to the growing demands of the Christmas season, Santa’s workshop needs to grow. With gifts to make, and deliver across the world, he needs a diverse workforce of elves and reindeers, who speak various languages and offer different skills. And he needs them quickly.



Now with a workshop bursting with new elves, Santa’s attention turns to bringing his new team up to speed. But onboarding such a large workforce so quickly is quite literally a nightmare before Christmas – contracts need to be signed, uniforms allocated, shifts agreed… the list goes on.

Staying data safe:

Santa’s data warehouse is a very secret place. Jam packed full of the personal data of his elves, reindeer and children from all over the world, Santa needs to make sure that he’s the only one checking his list twice. Otherwise, the Information Commissioner’s Office could be waiting at his door with a hefty fine. That means that complicated access rights and watertight data security are key.


With much gifting to be done, engagement needs to be high in the workshop throughout the season. But with such a diverse workforce, which approach is best? Music and sweets are favourites of elves, reindeers prefer carrots and even Mrs Claus is partial to the odd mince pie on a busy day! And of course, keeping the hectic workload organised, efficient and focused on Christmas goes a long way to keeping engagement high.


The list:

He’s made his list and checked it twice. So now he knows who’s naughty or nice, Santa needs a process that captures the billions of present requests he receives from all over the world – one that allows him to easily pick the perfect gift every time.

Luckily for Santa, now we’re in the digital age he has an online survey to streamline this processes, proclaiming ‘You boys and girls won’t get any toys if you don’t fill my survey out!’


Time management:

While most people are heading towards the most wonderful time of the year, Santa has a long list of responsibilities and a tough deadline to make sure he’s ready for Christmas Eve. He needs a clear plan and streamlined processes to make sure the correct gift is sent to every child. Last Christmas, this was very messy so Santa’s spending November automating these processes for the busy month ahead.


The big night:

When the big night arrives, the full team assembles. There’s a huge checklist to go through, including cleaning the sleigh, loading the presents, preparing each member of the reindeer team plus Dominic the donkey!

The morning after:

You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout I’m telling you why…Santa’s been to town and now it’s the morning after the night before. Tired and ready to put their feet up, Santa’s little helpers need to be paid and given feedback before they finish for the season.

Cascade can help

Luckily for Santa, Cascade offers all the tools he needs to make this Christmas a great success.

Supporting the needs of even the most unconventional workforce, our software includes modules to manage your recruitment, workflows, forms, performance reviews, payroll, and much more.

All you want for Christmas is…

So, what are you waiting for? Follow Santa’s lead, book a demo of our HR management solutions and start saving your business time and money.

(We recommend putting that time you saved to good use, grab a blanket, put on Home Alone and treat yourself to a mince pie or two…or three!)