How to increase digital adoption? Introducing our new IRIS HR Professional feature, WalkMe

By Anthony Wolny | 23rd October 2020 | 7 min read

Digital Adoption typically means achieving a state in which users can utilise their digital tools to the fullest extent.

While some interchange the term with software adoption, there are some key differences.

Typically, digital adoption requires factors such as workflows, culture and mindsets to change, which for many businesses is easier said than done.

For those employees who have spent years informally booking holidays, the process of utilising a digital tool can often be difficult to adopt.

We’ve identified this challenge and to help ensure you’re making the most out of IRIS HR Professional, we’ve partnered with WalkMe to introduce a new support feature.

Who is WalkMe?

Founded in 2011, WalkMe is one of the leading Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) providers, offering platform-agnostic guidance systems that integrate directly into software solutions to simplify the user experience.

How can the new feature support you?

Our WalkMe feature will launch in November, guiding you through IRIS HR Professional with pre-defined steps to help users complete tasks such as:

  • How to create a new starter
  • How to add Lookup Table entries
  • How to customise system branding
  • How to create a quick query
  • How to create a report

However, we will continue to add many more walkthroughs in the near future that will be specifically targeted towards managers and employees.

The tool ensures you can easily self-serve tasks as they were intended, without the need for human intervention, no matter how different the processes were in the past.

This leads to significant time-savings, as on-demand guidance is available for key processes, directly within the software.

To find out how our new feature can support your business, give us a call on 0344 815 5554, and for more information on our solution, IRIS HR Professional, click here.