IRIS Cascade: enabling HR to add value to your business

By Anthony Wolny | 3rd July 2020 | 7 min read

Businesses constantly face a stream of new and changing legislation, administrative burden, and the difficult task of keeping their employees happy and motivated.

Then there’s managing all key aspects of an employee’s “life cycle” - from talent acquisition and development, succession and performance management process – while helping your organisation be significantly more efficient.

How does your HR department not only cope with these challenges but thrive and add value?

IRIS Cascade provides a complete solution – and it has just even better, with some major enhancements we’re announcing today.

We’re launching MyCascade, our new self-service app, which will increase your team’s productivity as it reduces time spent on admin. It supports employee work-life balance too.

Plus, we’ll help enhance how well you engage with your employees thanks to both MyCascade and our new internal communications tool, IRIS Engage.

Other changes we’ve made to improve HR team members’ lives include:

  • a new, enhanced interface, more user friendly and intuitive, with wider screens – saving time for your HR team and employees
  • customisable branding such as log in screens, logo, background colour, and header bar colour, company name, browser tab, and app icon

Three great reasons our software helps:

  1. Attract, acquire, and retain staff

We can help iron out the kinks in your recruitment processes, enabling your company to overcome problems finding candidates with the right skill set or retaining staff due to lack of personal development

  1. Identify gaps in knowledge, skills and training

We help you highlight and address the areas where your organisation needs to improve their capabilities, change course, and close the critical competency gaps that might prevent you from meeting business objectives.

  1. Business continuity – work from anywhere

If your offices have to shut – be it another pandemic, snow, or any emergency – your business can carry on seamlessly. Our software works from anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection.

Sound good? Discover the full range of benefits you could enjoy by booking a demo or call our expert team on 0344 815 5566. Let us show you how Cascade can help you to look forward with certainty.