New Government, all change for HR

By Anthony Wolny | 13th January 2020 | 8 min read

With a fresh new year upon us and the new Government in place, should HR managers be preparing for all change ahead?

At Cascade HR, we’ve been analysing how the new political sphere will impact the world of HR, and it looks like this year is set to be extremely busy for all of us.

Here are four of the biggest initiatives that will require the attention of HR managers in 2020 and beyond…

  1. A more flexible workplace

The new Government has pledged to make this a standard arrangement for UK employees, with a particular focus on easing the pressure of balancing a family and a career. The Government has also pledged to fulfil the Good Work Plan, which includes activities to make working life clearer and more stable for employees in unpredictable industries or contracts.

Similarly, absence policies will need to be reviewed as the Government intends to improve leave entitlement for unpaid carers, as well as for new parents if their baby falls ill.

The challenge for HR managers will be to review their policies to make sure their employees are given the flexibility they’re being promised without affecting business performance. To truly work flexibly, many workers will also need to be able to do their job any time, anywhere and on any device, with workplaces based on a traditional 9am – 5.30pm working life quickly becoming outdated.

  1. A nation of start ups

The Government believe that small and family businesses are the backbone of the British economy, and have promised to make it easier for SMEs to operate. This includes upgrading the UK’s technical infrastructure, and improved access to finances for the self-employed. While fantastic for individuals keen to step out on their own, this is likely to put pressure on an organisation’s employer brand to encourage retention.

More than ever before, HR will be challenged to evidence the benefits of working in-house – both when recruiting new employees and working to retain existing talent. Employee expectations on their employers have been rising steadily in recent years, with many placing an increasing amount of emphasis on working for an organisation with values that match their own. Workers want to feel that they’re contributing to something significant and this, along with considering work/life balance and potential for progression, could be key in encouraging employees to stay.

  1. A culture of progress

The new five-year National Skills Fund of £600m per year means that development is set to be a hot topic of conversation in the coming months. HR managers will need to respond with a clear set of development opportunities and achievable career paths to remain competitive as an employer.

  1. A new world for contractors

One of the Government’s most significant commitments is the review of IR35, planned to conclude in mid-February, with businesses tasked with having a clear plan in place to adhere to the legislation by April 2020. Criticism over the short time frame of the review includes that there isn’t time to make significant or thorough changes to the current proposal. And for many, the planned legislation already fundamentally changes how businesses work with contractors. In fact, concerns have already been raised that the changes could cause businesses to lose the skilled people they need.

Cascade can help

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