Online, on-site and on paper: is your team set for success in the next normal?

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By Toby Lester | 18th August 2020 | 3 min read

Offices are changing in the wake of COVID-19. The steady move towards flexible working prior to lockdown has picked up pace; businesses of all sizes are realising the benefits of remote working for employee wellbeing and efficiency.  

Understandably, however, this can leave many employers feeling somewhat out of control. With staff continuing to work from home, at least part time, how will you ensure security, productivity and safety in the next normal?  

Throughout lockdown, cloud software and cloud solutions have enabled business as usual. We're adept, now, at online meetings and employee engagement. And, as we tentatively look to the future, technology continues to come to our aid; here’s how. 

Access control on site 

Not everyone is keen to return to the office full time; equally, homeworking doesn’t appeal to us all. With our new flexible approach to working, site security must be a top priority. Managing access to buildings and offices also enables HR teams to maintain a reliable record of staff attendance. 

BioStore by IRIS’ centralised identity management database integrates with multiple software applications, providing users with just one authentication to access all systems in use. Staff and visitors utilise your choice of ID cards, fingerprint or pin to access approved buildings and rooms, providing total peace of mind for your team.  

Online security  

Next on your priority list is IT security; protecting your business against online attacks and data breaches is vital. Fortunately, online solutions can bridge the gap between online and on-site security without overcomplicating your tech or breaking the budget. 

BioStore identity management solutions track the log-in of employees both on-site and remotely by laptop, desktop or mobile device. This enables your business to allow staff to safely work from home, whilst ensuring staff are accountable for their own time and work.  

Fortunately, all of your identity management solutions can be wrapped up in one with BioStore. Whether managing access on-site or online, our ID management system does it all, providing a single platform to manage permissions for all staff. 

Hygiene and print 

Prior to COVID-19, paper-based processes were on the decline. We recognise the impact of print and paper on the environment and budget. However, due to the threat posed to hygiene, our reliance on paper is even more problematic in the next normal.   

Not all processes can be paperless; some habits are difficult to break, particularly when policies and tasks still rely on hard-copy documents. So, when it comes to managing your print, it’s important to seek out a solution which not only ensures security and privacy, but improves hygiene, too. 

BioStore’s pull-printing solution ensures only the relevant person handles their documentation – no more paperwork building up in the print tray to be found and distributed amongst your team. Once ready to collect their documents, staff log into the printer via ID card or pin and print there and then. 

Biometric systems and technology can empower your team to improve security and ensure hygiene; we can provide the tools your team needs to look forward to the next normal with confidence. 

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