Shiny new features: workflows that work for you

IRIS workflows that work for you | Shiny new features: workflows that work for you
By Alan Gregory | 15th October 2019 | 1 min read

Introducing our new IRIS HR feature – Workflow. Goodbye calendar reminders, so long paper checklists. We’ve brought in three new triggers, and they’re here to change your workflow world.

So, what’s all the fuss about?

IRIS HR Workflow enables you to automate day to day tasks, not just for your HR team, but for your entire organisation. It adds an element of automation to the Tasks feature already available in IRIS HR, meaning that day to day tasks for system administrators and your team are no longer repetitive – the right task is sent to the right person, at the right time. Smooth, right?

It gets better…

Users are able to create customised workflows in line with current business processes, and complete all tasks within one centralised location, with a record of completed tasks stored for future reference.

Workflow allows users to trigger tasks and processes based on key events in the employee lifecycle. The three new triggers will allow you to effectively manage:

  • New starter and onboarding processes
  • Leaver processes
  • Absence management processes

Workflow will send tasks to your managers and employees and key points throughout each process, keeping track of when they’ve been completed, and delivering what comes next. Multiple tasks can be assigned to each trigger, with differing due dates to ensure that all aspects of internal processes are followed correctly and efficiently.

How will Workflow work for me?

For starters – it’ll work hard! The new feature will automate many processes that were previously manual, time consuming, and in some instances, easily forgotten. Employees and managers become empowered to manage their own and their team’s data – simply through Workflow automatically triggering notifications and tasks to the correct employee at the correct time.

You’ll probably save money on office sticky note purchases too.

If you’d like to give IRIS HR a try, and see how hard Workflow will work for you, start your free trial today.