Track COVID vaccinations in your company

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By Natasha Standen | 10th March 2021 | 3 min read

Keep on top of employee health status with Workflow 

With 15m vaccinations (and counting) in place, the UK is well on the way to winning the war against COVID-19. However, no matter how you plan for employee working in the future, tracking COVID vaccinations will be crucial to the wellbeing of both your employees and future business prosperity.  

IRIS Cascade HRi has all the tools you need to do just that! By utilising Workflow, you can set up an easy process to track, monitor and manage the vaccination status of your entire workforce. Reporting is also quick and simple, with the workflow allowing you to quickly extract the data you need to build a compelling picture of employee health and wellbeing.  

Watch our video below to see how you can build your own COVID workflow using IRIS Cascade HRi:

What is Workflow? 

IRIS Cascade HRi workflows can enable you to automate day to day tasks, not just for your HR team, but for your entire organisation. It adds an element of automation to time consuming HR admin, meaning that day to day tasks for system administrators and your team are no longer repetitive – the right task is sent to the right person, at the right time. 

Users are able to create customised workflows in line with current business processes, and complete all tasks within one centralised location, with a record of completed tasks stored for future reference. Workflow allows users to trigger tasks and processes based on key events in the employee lifecycle. Triggers can allow you to effectively manage: 

  • New starter and onboarding processes 
  • Leaver processes 
  • Absence management processes 
  • COVID vaccination status  

Workflow will send tasks to your managers and employees at key points throughout each process, keeping track of when they’ve been completed, and triggering reminders on overdue tasks. Multiple tasks can be assigned to each trigger, with differing due dates to ensure that all aspects of internal processes are followed correctly and efficiently. 

What could Workflow do for me? 

For starters – it’ll work hard! Your workflows will automate many processes that were previously manual, time consuming, and in some instances, easily forgotten. Employees and managers become empowered to manage their own and their team’s data – simply through workflows automatically triggering notifications and tasks to the correct employee at the correct time. 

Benefits of tracking COVID vaccinations include:  

  • Speed of set up - Setting up the COVID workflow is quick and easy, and can enable you to start the monitoring process even before working age groups are called for vaccines. 
  • Age banding – The COVID workflow allows you to segment employees into various different age groups, giving you an overview of which groups have been vaccinated, who is still awaiting a vaccine, or those who may be in the ‘vulnerable’ categories or living with a pre-existing health condition.  
  • Evidence files – Employees can upload relevant medical documents to their individual record, including proof and date of vaccination. 

Whilst the workflow is simple to build, we understand that you may not have the time to do it yourself. 

So, we are offering a half day consultation service, where one of our HR experts will build the COVID workflow exclusively for your business. It offers you the opportunity to completely outsource the workflow build, whilst simultaneously providing peace of mind that the health and wellbeing of your employees is in safe hands! 

To find out more or to book your consultation, contact your account manager directly or email and quote ‘COVID workflow build offer’ in the subject line.