What HR can do about a lack of workplace connection

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By Anthony Wolny | 22nd February 2022 | 2 min read

What do SMEs and large organisations have in common?

They’re both facing depleted workplace connections due to hybrid working, overstretched employees and limited budgets.

A lack of workplace connection can throw up multiple challenges for HR teams, from low employee engagement to diminishing retention rates – not to mention the impact that disconnection can have on company-wide efficiency and productivity.

HR and payroll solutions are available to lend a hand; we’ve covered the three main areas you should use integrated software to connect your business.

Build emotional resilience

Emotional connection, otherwise known as motivation, mojo or morale, is what we feel when we’re happy and engaged in our jobs.

As an HR professional, it’s your duty to create business-wide connections; but we understand that it can be challenging when your day-to-day is consumed with admin-intensive tasks.

Did you know that an effective HR and payroll solution can free up the time needed to make connection happen?

Whether it’s limiting the impact of employee turnover – which can be significant for SMEs – or building a slick onboarding process that will dazzle your new recruits, businesses should embrace technology.

Bridge operational gaps

Whether you’re an HR one-man-band taking on multiple responsibilities at once or part of a larger team, chances are you could do with some support to streamline your operations.

HR and Payroll solutions help you foster operational connection by breaking down silos, centralising all your data in a single system for better workplace collaboration.

With everything under one roof, you work better, employees work better and your business works better.

Create commercial success

The most important part of any business, big or small, is its people.

When those people rely on legacy systems, they ultimately end up chained to paperwork or admin – something that can seriously hamper commercial connection.

We often hear: but won’t HR and Payroll solutions cost money? Sure, but using the right technology to generate insight and streamline processes is a solid investment that will lead to a justifiable ROI when employees are able to perform better.

After all, improving workplace connection means employees are likely to hang around for longer, boosting commercial success with better retention rates.

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