Why is HR technology an organisation-wide consideration?

By Anthony Wolny | 20th August 2020 | 7 min read

It’s been clear to see throughout the COVID-19 pandemic that technology has been the saving-grace, enabling organisations to revolutionise the way they work in a matter of days.

One area in particular where tech innovation can provide an incredible amount of benefits is HR - but historically, it has fallen to the side-line as a back-office function, seeing little interaction with the wider organisation.

However, by involving stakeholders from outside the HR team, you can optimise your strategy to ensure every department can continuously adapt to the needs of their people.

In this blog, we’ll analyse which stakeholders need to play a role in the procurement process for your new HR technology so you can ensure your project is a huge success.

Who needs to be involved when looking at new HR technology?

Ownership of HR technology typically sits with the HR department, but as each stakeholder will have their own requirements, you must look to involve as many as possible.

“HR technology is not just for the HR department as it impacts the wider stakeholders within the organisation. It’s incredibly important for everyone to understand that it’s not just a HR tool – rather, it’s a business tool that is fundamental to our day-to-day operations.” – Pritual Khagram, CEO, People Force

To ensure your HR strategy is fit for purpose for the next normal, look to work with the following stakeholders when procuring technology:

Payroll: If the payroll team sits outside your HR department, you must include them because your people data plays a huge role in their processes and financial wellbeing.

Operations: Particularly for organisations with varying shift patterns, your operations team will need to be involved because your HR system will handle workforce management.

IT: As you’re implementing technology into the whole organisation, it’s best to bring IT into the process early on because they’ll be managing the software requirements and implementation.

Line managers: As line managers will be using a lot of the functionality to engage with their team, it’s very beneficial to get their input.

How can IRIS Cascade help?

If you’re looking for HR technology, consider IRIS Cascade. We offer a fully customisable HR management system to suit the needs of all your stakeholders.

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