Is your asset management compliant and correct?

Is your asset management compliant and correct?
By Anthony Wolny | 14th January 2020 | 13 min read

What is asset management?

Asset management is a key way for any organisation of any size to accurately record their assets and value.

The pressures of financial regulation and other statutory requirements have made ensuring up-to-date assets and equipment inventories a key managerial responsibility.

Why do you need asset management?

Asset management is crucial for keeping track of the fluctuations in your assets as they’ll be continuously changing due to purchases, movements and disposables.

Additionally, asset management is vital for insurance purposes, inventories can be used to provide an accurate estimate, helping organisations comply with regulatory requirements.

What are the challenges of asset management?

Ensuring all areas of your asset management are up to date and accurate whilst providing a proactive management reporting functionality is extremely time and resource consuming.

We found that organisations simply don’t have the capacity to conduct the laborious reporting needed for accurate asset management.

As a result, the reporting is often left to guesswork which at best is inaccurate and leads to poor financial business decisions.

What solutions are available to support?

We’ve created IRIS Assets, the complete asset management and compliance solution that allows you to manage all your assets throughout their life cycle with accuracy and ease.

IRIS Assets utilises the latest cloud-based technology, providing easily accessible, fully responsive management and reporting systems that can be utilised by an unlimited number of user accounts.

Our unlimited reporting with ‘RAG’ options include email reminders, PPM and asset maintenance/statutory compliance scheduling, ensuring you never fall behind on your reporting.

For more information on how IRIS Assets can revolutionise your asset management and save you time and resources.