Revealing the revamped, new look IRIS Docs

By James Nadal | 5th April 2019 | 13 min read

There is nobody more important for us to listen to than you, our customers.

At IRIS World, you gave us a clear message when talking to our team about IRIS Docs, our powerful and comprehensive document management system that streamlines the way practices work. We were thrilled to hear so many of you saying it’s a fundamental cog in your practice’s daily operations, but you also told us that it needed some tender loving care and a lick of paint.

Time for a refresh

Frankly, some of you felt it looked tired and was in need of a refresh.

So, responding to your demand, we have given it just that. We have made a significant investment into the software to totally revamp the user interface and experience.

Watch a demonstration video of the updated IRIS Docs.

The changes to IRIS Docs are part of our new IRIS Accountancy Suite release. More here.

When you experience the revamped IRIS Docs and see the new look and feel, we’re sure you are going to enjoy using it even more than before.

On top of the overhaul of the interface, there are a number of really useful enhancements.

PDF printer

The PDF printer hooks into anything you use at your practice. It’s a nifty tool that enables you to transform any information you have on screen in any application (that can print) into a PDF document and store in IRIS Docs. It’s made previously clunky and clumsy tasks, requiring half a dozen actions, simple and immediate.

Where does it come in handy? There are many examples where you might want to capture proof of a transaction or a statement from a bank or HMRC and store that quickly and easily into IRIS Docs. You might wish to create a digital copy of a nominal account listing or similar that would normally be sent to a physical printer.

Sometimes it’s simply more desirable to store a file as a PDF when you are uploading to OpenSpace or sending via email. The PDF Printer will convert these for you in just one click.

Email assistant

Another feature that has been improved thanks to feedback is the email assistant.

We already enabled you to drag and drop messages in order to index emails to the relevant client via favourites bar on the right of the page. However, there were limitations which made it fiddly and inconvenient if you had more than 30 clients on the list. It meant you had to scroll through the list to the bottom. To overcome that, we’ve added a search box so you can find any client without having to scroll.

Another addition is a carrousel that allows you to flick left or right and to swap between multiple lists for different types of correspondence. Previously, you had to close these on the go.

Protected documents

We’re helping you to comply with GDPR by introducing some new features, including the ability to store encrypted documents - a significant enhancement.

The release also gives you greater visibility of what files and documents staff have access to. With HR documents, for instance, the changes to data protection compliance, mean it’s now more important than ever that these are only visible to authorised staff.

The update enables you to see when a staff member saves files into IRIS Docs and who has got access to that location – so files doesn’t accidentally get put it in the wrong place. You can see who has access to each letter, all the way down to the individual file. This mitigates the risk of filing away something and the wrong person having access – especially for larger firms with lots of staff.

Integration and efficiency

As you know, IRIS Docs is fully integrated with IRIS and OpenSpace. To improve this integration, you can now enter your IRIS Docs system account login under System Maintenance, Utilities, Document Management Link.

A new field called Document Author has been added to the latest version of IRIS Docs to show the relevant staff or client who originally sent the document. This works alongside your document management link settings, so documents will still automatically file to the correct cabinets.

Overall, the changes we’ve made to IRIS Docs makes it easier to use and introduces more efficiencies to further boost your practice.

Want to know more?

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