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By Ryan Hendrie | 23rd October 2014 | 2 min read



Describe a typical day in the office

Working in front of the computer, about 5 cups of tea/coffee – but seriously, much of my time is spent on one of our large international customers, however I work on whatever comes up that day or needs attention. There are lots of aspects: organising new quotes, managing the cradle-to-grave process of writing leases, compiling spreadsheets and reports, helping with customer queries, loading leases onto our leasing software, dealing with end of leases and lease compliance. Generally managing the process of lease portfolio management and any questions that go with it and anything that needs to get done. Lots of stuff to get on with!

What part of your role gives you the greatest satisfaction?

That’s pretty easy to answer actually; when the customer is happy with what you have done for them. I get satisfaction if you know you are doing a good job, so it’s great to see when someone is happy with what Innervision is doing, any lease savings we've made and with what I’ve done. Even when you get an e-mail saying “Thanks very much, you’ve been really helpful and efficient” or a note to congratulate you on your lease portfolio management, it makes a real difference; just knowing that your work is being appreciated is satisfying.

What part of your role gives you the greatest challenges?

As we do so much for our customers and there’s so many different things going on, it’s about prioritising and managing your duties, making sure you're not neglecting or missing anything. It’s about determining what the most important or urgent thing to be getting on with is and that nothing vital is being missed. It’s definitely a doable challenge and not a hindrance, especially with our portfolio management; you just need to be aware of how much is on your plate.

If you could describe Innervision in three words, what would they be?

Effective, Driven and Empathetic (to our customers and staff alike).

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