5 ways electronic payslips can benefit your clients

electronic payslips
By Anthony Wolny | 13th May 2020 | 10 min read

One of the most impactful effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is the record number of businesses operating remotely.

The result has been a huge outcry from businesses to move processes such as payroll to the cloud.

Payroll bureaux and accountants can help during this crisis by meeting this demand and optimising processes such as payslip distribution.

This is especially important as staff should not be leaving home to go print payslips at the office.

But what are the key benefits for your clients and how can you encourage them to make the move?

In this blog, we’ll detail the key benefits you and your clients can experience by moving to an electronic payslip solution.

1) Enhanced security

Electronic payslip solutions such as myePayWindow offer a fully secure online platform that features SSL, two-factor authentication and even encrypts documents to ensure the highest level of security.

By moving clients’ payslips and payroll communications to a secure platform, you can guarantee confidence that sensitive data will always be kept safe.

2) Guaranteed compliance

Compliance is always a hot topic for any business with payroll communications playing a crucial role.

Electronic payslip platforms can support compliance by providing Automatic Enrolment communications, meeting GDPR requirements, conducting comprehensive audits and easily delivering P60s.

3) Reduce costs and resources

Printing and posting payslips requires a notable amount of resources each month but by using an electronic platform you can streamline the entire process and simultaneously reduce the environmental impact.

4) Users can self-serve account issues

Employees and employers will each create their own account on the platform allowing them to make username and password changes while also enabling account recovery processes without contacting you or IT.

5) Available anywhere, any time on any platform

Payslips and payroll communications are accessible anywhere at any time providing greater flexibility and freedom.

myePayWindow, in particular, is available via any internet browser and on Microsoft, OS X and Android systems.

Learn more about myePayWindow

We aim to help bureaux and accountants radically simplify their payroll processing.

myePayWindow is our solution, allowing you to publish clients’ payslips, P60s and other payroll documents electronically from within your IRIS Payroll Professional software to a secure online platform.

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