How Does Payroll Outsourcing Help Penny Lane GP Surgery?

By Sam Thomas | 1st June 2016 | 14 min read

This client case study comes from Penny Lane GP Surgery, in Liverpool. We spoke with them to find out how payroll outsourcing works for the practice.

Payroll outsourcing is becoming more and more popular in the UK. The ever-growing list of legislation which must be abided by has resulted in GP practices and businesses of all sizes choosing to outsource the responsibility of their payroll to avoid the time-constraints and hassle. We spoke with Jacqui Westcott, Practice Manager at Penny Lane Surgery, based in South Liverpool about how payroll outsourcing helps her practice and frees up her time.

What was the main challenge you faced as a Practice Manager and how has outsourcing your payroll helped with this?

Jacqui spoke about how the main challenge she was facing before outsourcing was the ever increasing time needed to run the surgery’s payroll. “Outsourcing was almost exclusively a time orientated decision. Running the payroll for the practice with auto enrolment, and overtime all included was taking me around half a day each payroll run. Since outsourcing, the time I need to put into the payroll has gone down to almost zero,” she explained.

The main difference I’ve noticed since outsourcing is that it really has freed up a lot of my time to concentrate on other things. I send information such as monthly overtime, it takes less than an hour each month to get the information over to IRIS, and then I know that the payroll is taken care of. The biggest benefit I can think of is saving half a day each month to concentrate on other things.

Auto Enrolment within the NHS

Penny Lane Surgery are yet to reach their staging date for the automatic enrolment legislation changes, but Jacqui explained that she was confident preparation and compliance won’t be a problem. She explained that “all of my employees are enrolled into the NHS Pension Scheme, but as we approach the practice’s staging date on September 1st 2017 I’ll speak with my Account Manager and discuss my options. I know that with IRIS, compliance certainly won’t be an issue.”


Finally, we asked Jacqui if she would recommend IRIS and the IRIS Managed Payroll Service; for payroll outsourcing “I would recommend the IRIS Managed Payroll Service, I’ve only got good things to say about outsourcing with IRIS.”

If you can also see the benefits of payroll outsourcing, but are yet to enquire about it, you can use our handy payroll outsourcing calculator to see how much outsourcing could save your business. Payroll outsourcing isn’t just for GP practices, either, we recently spoke with Tim Baker, Finance Manager at Aldens Specialist Catering Butchers to see how outsourcing with the IRIS Managed Payroll Service helps his business thrive.

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