How Earnie IQ helped The Collinson Group wake up from an admin nightmare

By Matthew Thompson | 4th September 2013 | 2 min read

With 500 employees split over 15 different payrolls, The Collinson Group needed a flexible solution to reduce the financial and administrative burden this caused.

The Collinson Group was founded over 30 years ago and has since utilised its unique intellectual property to establish a place in a number of different industries including; international travel services, marketing, insurance and research and development.

With 500 employees split across multiple sites, The Collinson Group had 15-16 separate PAYE entities which were administered by several different external payroll bureaus. Mark Smith, payroll and benefits manager was tasked with putting together a proposal to improve the flawed system.

“Having a range of different external bureaus handling the company payrolls was a bit of a nightmare,” says Smith. “There was a substantial administrative and financial burden caused by outsourcing our payroll. The quality of service was poor and we were spending so much time preparing the data so the bureaus wouldn’t get it wrong, we might as well have been doing it ourselves.”

The decision was made to consolidate all of the separate PAYE entities and bring them in-house to manage with Earnie IQ. The decision was easy with Smith commenting: “I had previously used Earnie payroll in a retailer with 120 sites so knew it could handle our multi-site environment. I knew it would provide a cost effective solution to our problems, especially compared to some of the alternatives.”

“For a company looking for a solution to its payroll problems, I would recommend Earnie without hesitation. The solutions’ cost, ease-of-use and outstanding support all made the decision to implement it incredibly easy to make. Since bringing our payroll in-house it feels like we are finally in charge of our own destiny.”

You can find out more about how Earnie IQ helped The Collinson Group by reading the full case study.

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