How much do you know about e-payslips?

By Matthew Thompson | 16th July 2013 | 6 min read

As an employer or payroll professional you should already be very familiar with payslips. But do you know that there may be an easier and more efficient way of producing and distributing them?

Employers have a legal obligation to supply their employees with a payslips each them they are paid. With around 30 million people over the age of 16 currently in employment in the UK, that means almost 30 million payslips are being produced and distributed on a monthly or even weekly basis!

Technology is advancing at an ever increasing rate, and when this is combined with changing work habits, an increased focus on environmental issues and a need to cut costs, it leaves us asking if there is an alternative way?

We are holding free webinars every Tuesday to show you how much time and money you could save with e-payslips. During these 30 minute complimentary sessions our IRIS OpenPayslips expert will show you the many benefits of introducing digital payslips to your business or practice.

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If you don't currently use IRIS payroll software and would like to learn more about e-payslips, contact us on 0344 576 0727 to arrange a demonstration.

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