IRIS’ top tips for payroll professionals looking forward

iris’ top tips for payroll professionals looking forward
By Anthony Wolny | 16th March 2020 | 14 min read

As payroll is always changing due to new legislation being introduced and continuous technological innovations, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to keep up.

To support, we’ve used our 40 years of experience in the payroll sector to compile our top payroll tips for large organisations looking to improve their processes.

Tip 1) Don’t underestimate the value of payroll

We found that due to payroll being a long-serving business-critical function, the benefits it can provide are often overlooked as it’s simply expected to be there.

The impact this has on organisations is that the software and processes in place often become outdated and lack innovation as they’ve been forgotten in a sense.

This results in organisations failing to innovate and achieve potential payroll benefits.

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Tip 2) Define the criteria of a successful payroll department

Payroll is in most cases defined as successful if employees are paid accurately and on time.

While this is a crucial factor, a successful payroll department can offer so much more and should be defined by two separate criteria:

  • Day-to-day delivery
  • Future view capabilities

However, some payroll departments are unable to achieve future view capabilities due to outdated processes, prompting the need for a modern solution.

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Tip 3) Consider outsourcing your payroll

Payroll outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular solution and as a result, service providers are striving to innovate and further differentiate their offering.

If payroll takes up too much of your time, or you’re looking to save time and resources, consider outsourcing.

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Tip 4) Identify how modernising your payroll software can benefit your organisation

Organisations often are unknowingly damaging their payroll department and strategic decisions due to archaic technology.

By identifying the challenges a modern payroll solution can overcome and the benefits it can bring, you can create a much stronger business case for modernising your department.

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Tip 5) Plan for business growth before it’s too late

When businesses rapidly grow either via mergers or organically, payroll is one of the key business functions that must be prepared for the huge wave of employees.

Otherwise, you run the risk of employees not being paid accurately and could even face data security issues.

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Next steps

Hopefully, these tips and additional resources have helped you look forward with payroll certainty.

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