Is outsourcing the answer to your auto enrolment concerns?

By Louise Mulgrew | 20th August 2015 | 13 min read

Outsourcing your auto enrolment responsibilities could be the answer to alleviating the stress and uncertainty that auto enrolment could bring to your business.

We have two webinars coming up at the beginning of September for businesses and GP practices respectively to help give you more insight into why outsourcing could be the best decision for your business.

Join one of our two free webinars below:

Should your business outsource auto enrolment?

Should your GP practice outsource auto enrolment?

With almost a third of businesses outsourcing their payroll (31%) according to The Pensions Regulator (TPR), outsourcing your auto enrolment responsibilities could save you a vast amount of time and money. But is it the right decision for your business?

In addition to our webinars above, we also have a free 11-page guide that you can read.

The guide covers:

  • The five reasons to outsource your payroll
  • The four reasons to outsource your auto enrolment responsibilities
  • A handy checklist that you can download and print to find out if outsourcing is right for you
  • Information on how IRIS can help you


Outsourcing your auto enrolment process to a team of dedicated, experience professionals such as IRIS can take the entire weight of auto enrolment away from you and your business, allowing you to spend more time and effort on more business critical activities.

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