Juggling payroll in a hectic nursery

Juggling payroll in a hectic nursery
By Anthony Wolny | 5th December 2019 | 14 min read

CIPP found that a single payroll data input error that takes seconds to make can waste 20% or more of an employee’s time.

The importance of accuracy within a nursery’s payroll function is highlighted by CIPP’s statistic, emphasizing questions such as:

  • Have you calculated the payroll hours of your staff correctly?
  • Do you know how many holidays your temporary staff have left to take?
  • How will the latest changes to legislation impact you?

As there’s plenty of tasks and responsibilities to keep staff busy within a nursery, people can’t afford to be wasting time correcting payroll mistakes.

The difficulties of payroll within a nursery

Combine factors such as the seasonal nature of the work, fluctuating headcounts, employing apprentices, legislative changes and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a challenging payroll.

For example, CIPD outlined 20 major changes to employee-focused legislation in 2019 alone.

These changes are difficult enough to manage for a trained payroll professional.

Yet, we know from speaking with customers that often the staff managing payroll within a nursery are juggling it alongside their day-to-day responsibilities.

Pied Piper Nursery needed help with their payroll and they needed it immediately

Take one of our clients as an example.

Nursery Director, Valerie Cox told us that, in addition to her workforce fluctuating between 21 and 26 employees, she also spends up to 6 months of the year out of the country.

Cox had a variety of complex payroll requirements, yet no one within the nursery had the necessary training or tools.

Most importantly, while Cox’s payroll requirements were complex, they were not her primary responsibility.

How can professionals within a nursery effectively manage a complex payroll?

A variety of payroll solutions are available on the market to support the payroll function within nurseries.

Key functionality to look for is software that automatically files RTI submissions and also complies with Automatic Enrolment legislation.

By ensuring these factors are met, you can ensure your payroll is simplified, allowing you to focus on business-critical tasks.

An IRIS solution

Built specifically for busy business managers that never seem to sit still, IRIS’s KashFlow Payroll platform offers professionals greater freedom.

HMRC-recognised and RTI-compliant, our payroll solution boasts key features such as:

  • Detailed absence and holiday diaries
  • Online filing functionality
  • Holiday pay features
  • Compliance with UK Automatic Enrolment legislation

Utilising cloud-based functionality, KashFlow Payroll offers busy professionals the ability to tackle payroll tasks quickly from any location with an internet connection.

If you think KashFlow Payroll would be a useful addition for your nursery, you can click here to try it for free.

Outsource your payroll to IRIS

If payroll is still too much of a burden for your nursery don’t worry, IRIS can fully manage your payroll thanks to our outsourcing solution.

The IRIS Managed Payroll service seeks to remedy the complications of payroll, enabling you to get back to managing your nursery.

We often hear from customers that outsourcing their payroll will be too expensive.

However, the truth is that outsourcing your payroll may cost a lot less than you think.

For more information on outsourcing your payroll and to request your personalised quote, click here.