Practice managers, is your payroll ready for the thousands of new employees that are on their way?

Practice managers, is your payroll ready for the thousands of new employees that are on their way
By Anthony Wolny | 27th February 2020 | 11 min read

The Queen’s Speech further solidified the Conservative’s plans for additional NHS funding.

“For the first time, the National Health Service’s multi-year funding settlement, agreed earlier this year, will be enshrined in law.”

One of the goals of the additional NHS funding is to hire 6,000 more doctors and 6,000 more primary care professionals on top of the 7,500 extra nurse associates and 20,000 primary care professionals who were previously confirmed.

What does this change mean for your GP Practice’s payroll?

Increased admin:

Practice managers will have to be ready to process and onboard a vast number of additional employees onto their payroll.

If you don’t have a modern payroll solution, preparations will have to be made to account for the significant amount of extra admin responsibilities.

Added costs:

Also, if you rely on printing and posting payslips every month, you can expect an increase in the costs and resources required as you will have a substantial number of new employees who require paying.

How can IRIS help?

We offer a Managed Payroll service that completely alleviates you of your payroll responsibilities, allowing you to focus on managing your practice.

Our team of highly experienced CIPP-Accredited payroll managers effectively become your payroll department, managing the upcoming changes that the Conservative government will create.

We offer both fully managed and tailored services that look after all aspects of your payroll, ensuring your practice is in good hands.

“I’d always assumed that outsourcing payroll would be expensive but when I looked into it, the price was really cost-effective and after the trust I’d built-up with IRIS after using IRIS GP Payroll, choosing to outsource was an easy decision to make.” - Magnus Nelson, Practice Manager at Ashville Surgery, London

For more information on how the IRIS Managed Payroll service can help support your GP Practice and to request your personal quote, click here.

Are there other policies that will impact practice managers?

The new government has promised a significant amount of change that will drastically impact how practice managers run their payroll.

To support, we’ve created a comprehensive guide that examines all the proposed changes practice managers need to be prepared for.

To download your FREE guide, click here.