The 4 crucial things you must know about Holiday Pay

By Louise Mulgrew | 8th December 2015 | 12 min read

Holiday pay legislation has been the subject of much judicial debate recently and here are four crucial things you need to know about how to calculate and manage Holiday Pay for your employees.

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In the UK, it is a legal right for employees to be given paid holidays, on top of the 8 bank holidays that are standard. This is governed by various different sections of legislation that determine the length of time, regularity and pay of holidays.

Recently, a couple of different court cases surrounding the technicalities of what counts as "normal pay" have caused rulings that change the precedents set in the past. This now means that there are new considerations to take into account when calculating the pay that someone is entitled to when they take annual leave.

Downloading this guide will help you clear up some of the confusion around Holiday Pay and will give you your first step to proactive compliance.

From this 9-page guide, you will learn:

  • The four crucial elements around calculating and implementing a holiday pay solution
  • Why you must take a proactive approach, don't leave things to chance
  • How IRIS Payroll Software can help you

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