Your checklist to payroll year end 2020

Your checklist to payroll year end 2020
By Anthony Wolny | 11th December 2019 | 14 min read

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Payroll year end is quickly approaching!

Whether it’s your first payroll year end or you’re a seasoned professional, it can be an incredibly challenging time of year.

Don’t panic, there’s still plenty of time to put a plan in place and we’re here to help.

We’ve put together a payroll year end checklist, covering what you need to do, how you can prepare and key dates to keep an eye on.

Your payroll year end checklist:

1. Give your employees a P60

You must provide employees with a P60 to summarise their pay and deductions for the last tax year.

You’ll have to provide each current employee with a P60 by 31st May and they need to be given to every employee working for you on 5th April.

2. Processing holidays over the transition

If any of your employees are on holiday over the year end, then only process their holiday pay up to 5th April.

For anything after this date, process it in week one of the new tax year.

3. Prepare for week 53

If you run a weekly payroll (including fortnightly or four-weekly) then you may have to complete an extra pay run, called a week 53.

This will happen if you’re due to pay employees on the tax year end date, 5th April.

4. Process leavers

You must process any leavers ahead of your payroll year end submission, you can do this by entering their last working day into your payroll software.

This needs to be done for anyone who’s left your business since the last payroll year end date.

5. Send your final FPS

Complete your final pay run of the tax year, this will involve running your last FPS (Full Payment Submission) of the tax year.

If you submit your final FPS early or didn’t pay anyone for one or more full tax months, you’ll need to send an EPS (Employer Payment Summary).

6. Submit your report by 5th April

One final thing to remember is that you need to report to HMRC on the previous tax year by 5th April.

Key payroll year end dates:

On or before your employees’ payday

Send your final FPS payroll report of the year

From 6th April

Update employee payroll records

From 6th April

Ensure your payroll software is updated

By 31st May

Give your current employees a P60

By 6th July

Report employee expenses and benefits if they aren’t being processed through payroll

By 22nd July

Pay class 1A NIC on P11D benefits

Any queries?

Hopefully, this checklist has helped, you can now put the kettle on and have a quiet five minutes to yourself.

If you still have some queries, we’ve also put together a FREE comprehensive guide to payroll year end, taking a much more in-depth look.

The FREE guide to payroll year end covers:

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