100% response rate to forms from parents within 48 hours

After years of spending many hours preparing paper communications, hundreds of pounds each year on paper and photocopying to find that many letters and forms never even made it home, let alone made it back into school, Hemingbrough Community Primary decided it was time to go digital!

Joining ParentMail earlier this year, Hemingbrough Primary are using the full suite of services as well as the school branded App for parents to download – something that has gone down very well with everyone! Now, 98% of parents are receiving messages, completing online forms and booking parents’ evening all from the school APP on their mobile phones.

Business Manager Sarah Read told us, “Though the time and cost savings of a system like this are great, actually, just being able to guarantee that communications are being delivered straight into the hands of parents is the biggest benefit for us. Previously, we had such difficulty reaching our parents because paper letters just never made it home. Now, we’re reaching them on their smartphones and they’re more engaged than ever before.”

The Online Form Collection application has been the outstanding application for Hemingbrough, going from a trickle of responses to more than 60% of parents now completing and responding the very same day. Many of the forms now sent this way get a 100% response rate within 48 hours!

Sarah said, “We send dinner menus each week, permissions for photographs or walking home, club forms and more, and usually within minutes of them being sent we see the responses coming back in. Now that we’ve allowed parents to complete forms on their smartphone, the turnaround time is quicker than ever before!”

With their own school-branded App, a suite of services and a way to engage with parents directly, Hemingbrough Community Primary are extremely pleased with ParentMail and the difference it has made with their school communication; “I can easily say ParentMail is the best purchase we’ve made in years and would strongly recommend other schools try it!”

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