Auto SIMS link a timesaving success for St Anne’s RC Primary School

St Anne’s RC Primary School has recently upgraded to ParentMail’s latest platform and installed the auto SIMS link so that data automatically updates from SIMS into ParentMail each night.

School Administrator Sheila Johnson said, “The automatic SIMS link is absolutely fantastic! The whole process happens automatically - we no longer need to spend hours during school holidays preparing data!”

St Anne’s had the automatic SIMS link installed onto their system as they moved onto ParentMail’s latest platform, PMX. Sheila told us, “We had the link installed whilst having training for ParentMail, and it was complete in minutes. The person on the end of the phone was able to answer all my queries and concerns about it and we came off the phone extremely happy!”

School staff are particularly pleased about the amount of time the auto SIMS link will save them when they come to the new school year, as previously adding the new intake was a labour-intensive job! “With an automatic process in place, we’re going to save hours, if not days, come September.”

“We really would recommend the automatic SIMS link it to any other school.”

Not only does ParentMail offer a free automatic SIMS link, the system also works directly with parents to keep contact data current and actively reduce the work schools have to do, which is why we reach more parents than any other school to parent communication system.

There are now over 500 primary and secondary schools whose data is now automatically synchronised from SIMS directly into ParentMail each night.

If you’re using our latest platform, you can download instructions for installing the auto SIMS link by logging in to your PMX account and going to Settings, then Auto SIMS Link.

If you're considering moving from a paper-based system to using school-to-parent communication software or simply want to know how ParentMail benefits from an automatic SIMS link, get in touch.