Is the grass always greener? CCM return to IRIS

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You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone

Fiona Hayes CCM

Tax Director, Fiona Heyes, has had quite the journey with IRIS Software Group over the years, leaving in 2019 to try another system and swiftly realising that no other software does it quite the same. Now back using IRIS software, she’s spreading the word to other accountants that IRIS really is the best in class.

Previously working at another practice, Fiona Heyes had been using IRIS Software Group for over 10 years when another software company got in touch and ‘sold the dream’. With an offer that seemed too good to refuse, Fiona left IRIS at the beginning of 2019 and very quickly realised the grass was not greener.

"We began training with the new product and only then did we realise quite how much more time consuming this software was going to be for us. Lockdown then hit, so we lost the software we could rely on (IRIS) at the worst possible moment and that was a really tricky time for us as a result. It can always be tempting when you’re promised technology that can ‘do more for less’ but the reality is that IRIS is the best out there and losing it was a big loss for us. We didn’t just lose the product, but the expertise of the team at IRIS too"

Coming back to IRIS felt like coming home

Fiona then left that practice and went on her own but doing so with IRIS’ arm firmly wrapped around her.

"It felt great coming back to IRIS and I didn’t feel I was on my own, because I had the support from the IRIS team. We lost so much functionality and automation when we moved to another system so when I started up on my own and joined back up with IRIS, not only did I have all that automated software back that would save me hours each week, but also the expertise and knowledge that could help guide me going forwards"

"I’ve since merged with Carter Collins & Myer where IRIS Software Group software is also used, which means we’ve got a one stop shop for all our accountancy software needs. I can’t tell you what a difference it makes having technology that talks to each other and automates processes. Everything is
streamlined and easy, giving us hours back each week that we don’t need to spend doing manual tasks. Simply put, I couldn’t have set up on my own without IRIS"

Compliance and regulations - I don’t need to worry

"I also use IRIS Elements which has been fantastic - AML is a nightmare for accountants and IRIS Elements Anti Money Laundering (AML) is a vital tool when it comes to helping us comply with all the latest AML regulations, onboarding of new clients and improving productivity. It allows us to onboard new clients with confidence and looks the part too!"

Our MTD-ready and HMRC-recognised cloud accountancy platform provides automated workflows and new technologies to help you grow and modernise your practice with new ways of working.

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Back where we belong

Because of the journey Fiona has been on, she now feels incredibly passionate about IRIS and making sure other accountants don’t make the same mistake she did.

"Switching to another software provider wasn’t a happy experience at the time, but having left and come back, I now appreciate just how good IRIS software is, which I might not have done had I not left. Would I do it again - certainly not! But at least I can let others know not to make the same mistake I did"

"The team at IRIS are ahead of the game and always know what’s coming, so whether it’s MTD looming or an innovative piece of software, I know that IRIS will look after me and I’m in safe hands. It’s a huge comfort knowing you don’t have to worry and that to me is invaluable"

Whether you’re going it alone or part of a large firm, the IRIS Accountancy Suite provides you with precise, accurate, compliant, efficient software that is truly integrated and able to handle your clients’ most complex accounting and tax scenarios.

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