Framlingham Primary School surveys parents about ParentMail!

Moving from paper to electronic communications is a big decision for any school and Framlingham Sir Robert Hitcham’s CEVA Primary School wanted to be sure they had made the right choice with ParentMail!

With 96% of parents regularly receiving school communications and forms online, the school decided to survey parents and find out what they thought of ParentMail and receiving their communications online.

Office Manager, Caroline Miller, told us, “Here in the office we can see how much time and money ParentMail has saved us, but we wanted to make sure parents felt there had been an improvement in communication in comparison to last year.”

“It gave us an opportunity to show our governors how well ParentMail was working and to hopefully show that we had made the right decision.”

“We also wanted to see where we, or ParentMail, could improve and so who better to ask than the parents who use it every day?”

126 families replied and the results were extremely interesting!

Nearly 90% of parents said they thought ParentMail had improved school communication and over 90% said they thought the online forms were easy to complete. 65% of parents said they picked up school communications through the ParentMail App and many gave feedback as to the type of information they found useful, and those they didn’t!

Many parents also left positive comments, such as:

“Very satisfied with this new way of communication”

“We are new to the school and the communications we receive are miles better than our last school”

“It's helpful to look back at newsletters to jog the memory of dates and things the children need to bring to school on certain days.”

“I didn't think I would like ParentMail as I have always preferred to receive hard copies of letters but I quickly got used to it and now I have the App on my iPad I love it!”

“Parentmail is such an improvement on communication from the school to parents. Being able to see past emails and correspondence is a bonus.”

Caroline and the rest of the team in the office are now sharing this information with the Senior Leadership Team and the Board of Governors to prove that communicating to parents through ParentMail is a continued success.

Here at ParentMail we think it’s important that schools understand what parents think, so, to help get you started, we’ve added a ParentMail survey to the list of Forms Templates for you to send out straight away! If you’re using Forms, simply log into your account and send your survey in minutes…

If you’d like to gather feedback from parents online, why not try ParentMail’s Forms application?