G-P (formally Globalization Partners), the world’s leading global employment platform, has partnered with IRIS to offer its clients a complete solution to hire anyone, anywhere, without having to set up international branch offices or subsidiaries.

By using G-P’ AI-enabled, compliant platform, companies can grow revenue faster, improve their access to global talent, and minimize risk. Customers receive around-the-clock access to the industry’s largest and most experienced team of global HR experts, who can assist with questions about hiring talent in over 187 countries. 

Recruiting in different geographic regions can be intimidating — especially if hiring managers have to navigate the international talent search themselves for the first time. Globalization Partners’ G-P’s Recruit is an extension of the end-to-end global employment platform, automating the entire recruitment process so that companies can find the best candidate in the right location, at the right cost, quickly and efficiently.

Having support from the best-in-class technology means companies can expand to new international markets in record time, by removing the need to hire lawyers, accountants, and payroll providers in multiple countries. 

Nick Adams, Vice President EMEA, G-P comments “Most companies today have to adapt to the new era of work and must know the importance of recruiting and hiring remote talent. Distributed, flexible, and remote teams are the future, and certainly the answer to creating business resilience. We are proud to partner with IRIS, and to help companies break down barriers to their international growth plans through our market-leading global employment platform.” 

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