Langstone Junior School

The team at Langstone Junior School are self-confessed ParentMail by IRIS ambassadors, having saved over £9,000 this academic year! 

Langstone Juniors are a busy school with an even busier office team, with more than 330 students. Thanks to the help of ParentMail by IRIS’s Messaging and Parents’ Evening Manager solutions, the school are excelling at all things parental engagement and reaping the rewards as a result. 

“As a team, we wanted to make the most of ParentMail by IRIS and everything it had to offer. I started from the beginning with the platform and learned everything there is to know to make it work for our school. Today, we wouldn’t be without it!” says Lorraine Reeves, Administrator. 

“The results speak for themselves. This academic year alone, after staff time, paper and print, we’ve saved over £9,000. Before ParentMail by IRIS we relied on photocopying and paper for our parent communications which was very expensive and inefficient. Schools can’t rely on children to pass along school newsletters and forms, and we can’t always rely on busy mums and dads to respond. ParentMail by IRIS has made a huge difference to our parental engagement.” 

“100% of parents are signed up to ParentMail by IRIS which means that we can be confident that every single parent is receiving the important news and information they need. What’s more, nearly 90% of parents are using the free mobile App. We encourage parents to use the App at every opportunity. It makes staying in touch with the school so convenient for them – whether they’re at home or work, no one is without their mobile phone these days!” 

“The reporting system is incredibly helpful. On occasion, parents may claim not to have been told about certain things. When this happens, we can simply check our report to see whether they received a particular message and even whether they opened it. When it comes to sending out parents’ evening invites, we have easy access to data which tells us how many parents have booked appointments and who is yet to respond to the invitation. I can then send out reminder messages to prompt parents into booking.” 

“Parents’ Evening Manager is a huge time saver. The amount of time we’ve saved and the support we’re able to give to teachers now is fantastic; it’s no longer their responsibility to chase students and parents to book appointments. Instead, it’s down to parents to book. We send out a message in advance to let them know when appointments will be available and then watch bookings come in – it’s so easy!” 

“There are so many ways to save time with ParentMail by IRIS. The templates are very helpful. ParentMail by IRIS has a selection of default templates ready to go but we’ve also built our own, and everything can be branded with our school letterhead. We run a variety of after-school clubs and arrange lots of trips and events; we have groups set up for all of these things, enabling us to share the appropriate information with the right parents – all of these handy tools save our team time, every day.” 

“We don’t often need help with ParentMail by IRIS but on the rare occasions that we do, we can rely on Live Chat. The Support team are very professional and friendly and any issues are resolved very quickly. Phone support is also really helpful. I’m always very impressed with the Support team when I contact them.” 

“We’ve just signed up for four more years with ParentMail by IRIS. Their flexible subscriptions are too good to miss and I wouldn’t be without the system today. Any schools looking into ParentMail by IRIS as a solution to save time, engage with parents and save money, I would say yes, without a doubt – ParentMail by IRIS is for you!” 

If saving time and money are at the top of your agenda from September, get in touch now to book a free demo with ParentMail by IRIS