MND Association

For a charity like MNDA, efficient day-to-day operations and comprehensive reporting are crucial to ensure employee productivity. So it was essential to find the right HRMS.

“In truth, we probably did too much groundwork – we laid out 20 pages of essential and desirable software functionality so that our expectations were clearly laid out. Some vendors even turned down the opportunity to pitch for the work because of this. But it was crucial that our expectations were well documented – we knew this would help us get the investment right, for the benefit of staff engagement and wider business success. That’s why we weren’t willing to leave any stone unturned.” - Peter Reeve Head of HR, MND Association

In summer 2014, the hard work of the MND Association was catapulted into the spotlight, when the Ice Bucket Challenge became a social media phenomenon. This craze didn’t just successfully raise £7m for the charity; it also heightened awareness of the organisation’s continuing focus on MND care, research and campaigning.

But in order to run the 160-strong business as efficiently as possible – to make the best use of every penny whilst progressively working to the future and ultimately finding a cure for MND – Head of HR Peter Reeve knew a new HR system was required.

MNDA’s existing HR Solution

Head of HR Peter Reeve identified that a new HR and payroll solution was required. The system that the MND Association was using at the time had limited proactivity and its reporting capabilities were virtually non-existent. This had started to become a drain on morale and restricted the charity’s ability to proactively understand the current ‘shape’ of the business and its future prospects/ challenges.

The search for new integrated HR and payroll software began

With the project leads in place, the first task was to identify the current drivers for the software investment, whilst also thinking about the future objectives the solution would need to deliver.

This then formed the basis of a comprehensive invitation to tender document. This resource helped the charity clarify its exact requirements, before communicating these effectively to potential suppliers.

Confident that they had found the best-fit solution for the MND Association’s current needs and future requirements, Peter and Eve settled on core HR software and auto-enrolment software with fully-integrated HMRC-recognised payroll software, plus self-service management, workflow automation, and an employee training software functionality built-in, from IRIS Cascade.

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