ParentMail ensures 100% parental engagement at Wistow CE Primary School

Emails and Texts, Parents’ Evening Manager and Online Form Collection ensure 100% parental engagement at Wistow CE Primary School!

Wistow Primary School has introduced three of ParentMail’s services into their school over the past two years, initially launching Emails and Texts, followed by Online Forms and then Parent's Evening Manager. With each new app, they have seen parental engagement improve; and they love sharing their ParentMail experience with other schools!

Once we had experienced the benefits of texts and emails with ParentMail, we were very eager to give the online forms a try – and what a huge time saver they are!” says School Business Manager, Angela Dethridge. “I particularly like knowing that our communications have reached 100% of our parents and carers, most of whom love using the ParentMail App to respond and communicate with us. However, we appreciate there are a number of parents and carers who prefer traditional methods of communication, and ParentMail makes it incredibly easy to produce paper copies of all newsletters and forms to be sent out by hand. It’s a completely socially inclusive service, allowing us to communicate with everybody!”

With Online Forms, a huge success amongst school staff and parents, Parents’ Evening Manager was the next application to be introduced at the school.

We set up a Parents’ Evening, press ‘send’, and sit back and watch the responses come in!” says Angela. “ParentMail has changed the way we work, day to day. We save so much admin time in the office. I would recommend ParentMail to any school that is looking to improve parental engagement, whether at particular times of the year, with Parents’ Evening Manager, or all year round. It’s fantastic being able to guarantee 100% engagement with all school communications!

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