ParentMail impresses St Nicholas Catholic Primary School

With 95% of parents receiving messages via ParentMail, St Nicholas Catholic Primary School in Devon has been extremely impressed with how well our service has improved communication in school.

St Nicholas School upgraded from a previous ParentMail system, to the latest platform PMX, and told us that sending communications home to parents is now easier than ever; “It’s almost too easy, we have to stop ourselves from sending too much! We send bulletins, newsletters, events, holiday clubs – you name it, we send it through ParentMail!”

The thing that’s really stood out to this school, however, is how committed ParentMail is to improving, using feedback to make life even easier for schools and parents.

Ali Brocksom, PA to the head teacher told us, “There were a few minor things that we mentioned to ParentMail that we felt could improve – for example when sending messages, we wanted to send per family, rather than per student, as lots of parents were receiving the messages 2 or 3 times because of the number of children they had in school. ParentMail made the changes in their next system update and now it’s working exactly how we, and the parents, want it too!”

“I was so impressed that they took our feedback on board that I had to contact ParentMail and tell them what a great job they had done!”

Parents have also responded very positively to the ParentMail App, available on Android and iPhone – “It’s just another thing that makes picking up school messages easier for the parents. ParentMail just gets better and better for us!”

Ali also discussed the savings the school have made, with over 50 reams of paper saved per year, just from school communications going home through ParentMail; “It’s difficult to quantify just how much we’ve saved in terms of cost, paper and time, but we’ve certainly noticed a difference. The time we save we now use to improve the messages we’re sending home, so parents hear from us more regularly, which they’ve been very positive about.”

With improved communications reaching 95% of parents, an easy system to use and the drive to constantly improve the service, it seems ParentMail is ticking every box for this school: “ParentMail is so brilliant; it really has made life easier for us in school, and for our parents. We’re really happy with it”

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