ParentMail scores with Felpham Football Club!

Felpham Colts Football Club in West Sussex has been running for 42 years, and like many other clubs across the UK, has always communicated to parents through the managers of different teams.

However, Club Secretary Liz Conway, who receives ParentMail communications from her children’s school, recently had the bright idea of bringing ParentMail in for Felpham Football club so that she could be sure that all parents are up to date with information on the club.

Felpham Football Club quote - "Now I can be sure that parents will receive all the information we want them to!"

Liz told us, “In the past if we wanted information to go out we emailed it to managers, for them to cascade it on to parents. The problem with this is some managers didn’t always pass the information on, and so we were left with many parents not knowing things they needed to know. With ParentMail, we will be able to send messages directly to parents, and we will know they’ve all got it.”

And Liz is very confident that this will be a positive move for the 300 parents of Felpham Colts Football club: “I think we will get a really good response from the parents as lots of them are already familiar with ParentMail through their children’s schools.  They’re not aware yet that they’ll be receiving all future communication about the club through ParentMail as we’re going to send information with our registration forms this year so that they can sign up ready for the new season, but I’m very confident they’ll be pleased.”

The club will use the Email and Text App regularly, as well as the Forms, Permissions and Surveys App to send out their registration form next year.

We’re looking forward to catching up with Felpham Colts Football Club over the next year to see how they’re getting on with ParentMail, and of course, to make sure they’re scoring lots of goals!

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