Parents’ Evening Manager a “winner” for Holy Rosary Catholic Primary School

On the lead up to previous parents’ evenings, Holy Rosary Catholic Primary School saw their office taken over with paper, parents telephoning and coming into school to book appointments, and teachers giving up lunch breaks trying to manage appointments.

At their most recent parents’ evening, the school watched as within a week, 95% of parents had booked appointments without paper, queues in the office or teachers spending time on administration.

Thanks to Parents’ Evening Manager, staff and parents have seen a complete turnaround in the way a usually busy time has been reduced into a simple, booking process.

Office Manager Moya Middlehurst told us, “We love Parents’ Evening Manager. We've saved so much time, effort and paper!”

“Instead of parents rushing in to try and book appointments, they were coming in to tell us how fantastic Parents Evening Manager is!”

The school had tried various different ways of tackling the difficulties around booking parents’ evenings appointments in the past – sending letters home with the children to later find them left in trays or school bags, or through a paper booking system in the office, leaving administration staff with the task of helping parents book an appointment at a time they wanted.

With Parents’ Evening Manager, all parents were notified at the same time and could make appointments on their smartphones, tablets or computers, which meant they could get the appointments they wanted – and staff could sit back and watch as the appointments came in!

Moya told us, “It was great watching the appointments get booked instantly.  Overnight more than 100 parents had booked their appointments.  We couldn't believe it!”

Teachers have also been very impressed by Parents’ Evening Manager, with many commenting that “We didn't have to do anything!”

“Would we recommend Parents’ Evening Manager to other schools? Absolutely – we only wish we had known about it sooner!”

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