Passmores Co-operative Learning Community

A long-time IRIS Assets customer, Passmore’s Co-operative Learning Community trust, has recently decided to benefit from PS People’s Payroll and HR management suite. We spoke to Scott Alderson, Chief Financial Officer, about his experience using the software and find out how integrated software has helped save the trust time and money.

Prior to adopting PS People, the trust relied on an external payroll provider and used SIMS to manage their human resources. However, individual schools in the group struggled to coordinate their HR efforts as their separate systems couldn’t communicate with each other.

These problems prompted the trust to look for an alternative solution that could manage their human resources needs across the trust. They were also looking to save money by moving their payroll in-house; with its combined payroll functionality, PS People was a no-brainer.

“The system is easier as a whole,” said Scott. “We use the personnel and payroll modules, so our payroll and HR are integrated and can talk to one another. It means we don’t have to manually take data out of payroll and input it into another system anymore, as it’s all done for us. This has saved us loads of time.”

“We can also manage HR from a central location rather than doing it on a school-by-school basis. This lets us see contact information across the trust, which not only saves time but also ensures accuracy.” Trusts see huge benefits to centralising their HR function, as it helps them to spot skills gaps, track trends and patterns of absence and ultimately hold on to their teacher talent. “The time spent setting up PS People is more than worth it. The hours you save and insight you gain once it’s up and running are invaluable.”

“I would definitely recommend PS People to any trusts looking for an integrated HR and payroll management system.”

Passmores Co-operative Learning Community also uses IRIS Assets to manage their school resources and premises. Originally, it was only in use at a single location – Passmores Academy – but due to its success within the school, has since been rolled out trust-wide.

“We plan to use IRIS Assets to calculate asset depreciation across the trust. At the moment, it does everything we need it to.”

Trusts rely on IRIS Assets to help them meet statutory reporting requirements, to keep inventory of their resources and premises across the trusts and to maximise the value of the assets they already have.

The PS People HR and payroll management software is designed with the needs of schools in mind. It revolutionises the way academy trusts approach recruitment, staff management, and payroll thanks to its accessible, centralised platform. Trusts can empower their employees to take charge of their HR needs through an easy-to-use portal. Discover how PS People can help your multi-academy trust today!

Editor update: This blog mentions PS People which is a product we no longer offer. If you are interested in PS People we welcome you to take a look at Every HR, our new HR software for schools and trusts.