School Business Services

IRIS Software Group (IRIS) and School Business Services (SBS) have partnered to enable SBS’ school and trust customers to take advantage of the fully integrated IRIS Ed:gen suite alongside its essential on-the-ground, local support.

Schools and MATs can be equipped with the best software, but those using it every day need specialist training and support so they can maximise efficiency and enhance educational outcomes. Building on their existing relationship, IRIS and SBS will provide schools and trusts with both the tools and support required so educators can spot issues and opportunities, act quickly, step in at the point of need, and create the best possible outcomes for all pupils.

SBS and IRIS have already partnered on IRIS Financial Planner (IFP), with customers successfully using this school budgeting system that links seamlessly to IRIS Financials


Leyla Tovey, MD at School Business Services comments, “At SBS, we believe in offering our customers the best choice of software. IRIS Ed:gen truly is the game changing MIS software for schools, a best-of-breed integrated solution that covers the school day from lights on to lights off. This extension of our relationship is exciting for schools and can only result in the most user-friendly and empowering application of data analysis and reporting, from attendance, assessment through to attainment – more bandwidth and time to focus on improving the life chances of every student.”