SmallBiz Accounts

SmallBiz Accounts “makes the unprofitable profitable” using cloud-based technology from IRIS

In the five years since Nathan Holmes set up SmallBiz Accounts, he has built a thriving client base from a standing start, mainly through word-of-mouth recommendation. Nathan has an enterprising approach to using technology: “When employed previously in a large firm, it was a big bugbear for me that technology wasn’t used to drive efficiency. Often we seemed to be re-entering data without adding any real value.

Running my own practice has given me the freedom to embrace technology and invest in it to increase my productivity.” Nathan started as he meant to go on: solutions from IRIS have been the mainstay of his business from the beginning and he adopted IRIS OpenTax, cloud-based tax software delivered as a service over the web, on its release in 2013.

“With IRIS OpenSpace now an integral part of IRIS OpenTax the workflow is seamless, meaning that I can send out a tax return to my client for their approval quite literally at the touch of a button. As I no longer have to download and email out documents, let alone post them.”

Since this case study was published our IRIS OpenTax product has been discontinued. Take a look at IRIS Business Tax for our latest tax software solution.