“Super slick” Parents’ Evening Manager saves school hours

Malcolm Sargent Primary School in Lincolnshire was one of the first schools to use our newest application, Parents’ Evening Manager, and both staff and parents were very impressed!

Previously, parents were expected to book parents evening by completing a form and sending it back into school, which was time consuming for all involved.

However, after sending out their first invitation through Parents Evening Manager, parent responses came in extremely quickly as they were able to book appointments online as soon as they were available. Since then, booking has become available on the ParentMail App so the school predicts parent responses will come in even quicker next time.

School Business Manager Liz Town told us,

“The thing that really stood out to me about Parents Evening Manager was how much time it saved us. Many teachers saved hours, which they would have spent juggling appointment times, dealing with the complications of those parents with more than one child in school and keeping on top of when their appointments were. With Parents’ Evening Manager, all the administration work was done for us!”

One of the benefits for teachers was that they could run off their appointment report and hang it on their classroom door, which gave both staff and parents clarity on their appointment times.

Liz commented that considering it was the first time the school had used an online system like this, she was extremely impressed with the whole process;

“I found the system extremely slick. We’re looking forward to using it again for our next Parents Evening, as now we know it inside out we’ll be able to do even more with it!”

The school are also using other applications from ParentMail, including Forms, Permissions and Surveys – which means both school and parents only need to log into one system to get all their school communications.

A very positive response from one of the first schools to use our newest application – if you’re interested in a free demo then head over to our parent's evening booking system. We also have a wide range of software for schools and MATs to help with engagement, financials, and management.