The Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd (SATCoL)

Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd (SATCoL) is the trading arm of The Salvation Army in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Established in 1991 to help fund The Salvation Army’s vital work with vulnerable people, SATCoL encourages clothing reuse and recycling, through a network of around 8,000 clothing banks, and over 220 charity shops and donation centres. During the past 10 years alone, SATCoL has raised over £76m for The Salvation Army.


Historically at SATCoL, recruitment had been managed through free job boards and simple ‘one-click apply’ processes, which was driving a large volume of applicants; however lacked the quality and relevance required. To support more challenging or high-level roles, SATCoL was further using expensive recruitment consultants and agencies.

The process involved sifted CVs being securely shared via email, which meant that it was hard to produce any accurate statistical data, with all new starter details then being produced separately from the applicant details. This greatly duplicated the time and effort of the hiring managers, with a lot of time spent manually sifting.


SATCoL was looking for an end-to-end recruitment solution that would ensure GDPR compliance, streamline internal processes and be easy to use, all at a competitive cost.

With the comprehensive IRIS networx ATS in place, SATCoL has been able to set up efficient workflows, tracking and reporting on valuable insight throughout the entire recruitment process. IRIS networx intuitive software delivers the traceability and transparency that was missing from the historic process. It also enables SATCoL to attract quality applicants, with a great reduction in volume; saving valuable time and money for all key stakeholders.

Since implementation, feedback across the business has been positive and IRIS networx now further supports SATCoL with its volunteer recruitment workflow. Their latest project is innovating their onboarding process, enhancing their initial interaction with all new colleagues, and giving them a positive and professional first impression of the business. A key driver for SATCoL is to ensure they provide an environmentally friendly, digital, and inclusive recruitment experience for all.

Client comment

“Since implementing IRIS networx at SATCoL I have had nothing but positive comments from all recruiting managers, as they now have a streamlined system with an easy-to-use platform that is GDPR compliant. 

I know it is an old adage, but one I believe to be true, in that ‘people buy people first’ and the success of that initial relationship will affect your buying process. Andy Briault, was very professional, knowledgeable yet friendly and very helpful, not only through the procurement process, but continues to be an extremely supportive Account Manager.

Without any doubt, introducing IRIS networx has saved us money, time and streamlined our recruitment processes.”

Sarah Trivett, Training & HR Manager

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