Ward Williams

About Ward Williams Limited

From its offices in Weybridge and Uxbridge, Ward Williams Limited has a wide client base of small and medium sized businesses. As a progressive firm of chartered accountants, Ward Williams seeks to increase efficiency in the way it delivers a range of business services to clients, while at the same time maintaining its commitment to high standards. Ward Williams was an early adopter of IRIS OpenResourcing and first began using the service in 2003 to provide annual accounts preparation, bookkeeping, VAT, and management accounts support to clients.

Reduced overheads

Phil Grainger, Managing Director of Ward Williams, traces how the firm’s use of the service has expanded over time: “Initially, we called on IRIS OpenResourcing for about 200 hours of work over the first couple of years. It’s worked so well that today, in our ninth year of using the service, we use that number of hours every month.” Asked to quantify the savings accrued by using IRIS OpenResourcing, Phil says, “If you crunch the numbers, it saves us the cost of employing two people, who would be on a salary of £20,000 to £25,000 per person per year, plus all the associated overheads. It makes sound economic sense for us to use IRIS OpenResourcing.”