WEA Cymru

The Issue

“We were using 2 different finance systems initially – Sage and QLF, which were not fit for purpose. We have various sites and needed them to access their information in real-time but the reporting side was very restricted. The reports themselves were very poor.”

“I wanted a system that was user friendly, with an interface that was easy to understand so that staff could pick it up easily, as well as have strong reporting capabilities.”

“I chose IRIS Financials based on a set of criteria – usability, price, reporting and accessibility. IRIS Financials stood highest in all of the categories. They had a very strong demonstration stood head and shoulders above the rest. The sales team were very helpful and professional. They took us through the whole process.”

“I was particularly impressed with the reporting and accessibility of IRIS Financials. Staff in different offices can access information via the web portal, which has proved useful.”

The Solution

“I was keen to have a financial management system that had a strong reporting mechanism, which is what IRIS Financials has around the clock.”

“We are now more paperless and a lot more streamlined. The fact that we can now do all our orders online, it has streamlined the whole process and speeded things up. The purchase cycle is a lot quicker and the Finance team are a lot more efficient.”

“Our financial support is more effective because the budget holders can access their budgets wherever they are. They are now able to own their actual budget and make decisions based on this.”

The Transition

“No issues with the implementation process, it all went well.”

“The consultant on site understood the difficulties we were going through at the time and was able to help put the system in place and gear it to our needs. He was familiar with our previous supplier and helped close down the QLF System and extract information. The consultant’s knowledge helped saved us a lot of time – it was great.”

“So far, the support has been very, very good. The Education team are knowledgeable about the sector and have been really helpful.”

“The staff have found the system very easy to pick up and user friendly. They seem to have a good grasp.”

The Future

“I would definitely recommend IRIS Financials. The system is absolutely tremendous. It is so user-friendly, the way it works, the integration with the system. I also like that the system does not have stand-alone modules, which QLF had.”

“The system is a nice, neat, easy system and the reporting capability is great. I love it.”

“IRIS Financials offer a very professional service. The staff have technical knowledge and are very supportive. I can’t speak more highly of the team I’ve been in contact with. They’ve been very, very good.”

If you’d like to see how IRIS Financials can help your school or multi-academy trust, contact us today.