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Why not let IRIS take payroll off your hands?

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For as little as £50 per month, IRIS can run your payroll and pay your people on time, everytime.

Our experts will ensure you never have to worry ever again about payroll year end or ever-changing payroll legislation.

Simple set-up. No hidden fees. Pain-free payroll.

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Save time and resources, allowing you to focus on what matters most to your organisation, and your bottom line.

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Unlike in-house payroll teams, our Payroll Teams never take a sick day, and we don’t go on holiday either! You can rely on us to be there for you week in, week out.

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Our first-class 99.9% accuracy rating ensures that you never have to worry about hiccups with your payroll, nor do you need to fret about non-compliance.

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Payroll legislation and processes are getting more and more complicated.

Outsourcing payroll to IRIS  can save you time and provide peace of mind for as little as £5/payslip.

Everything’s included in IRIS Fully Managed Payroll:

ServiceIRIS Fully Managed Payroll Service
Payroll Processing
AE Assessment
BACS processing
Digital Payslip delivery
Bespoke Reporting
P11d Processing
Year-end Processing
NHS Pension File

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