What is Cloud HR? 

Cloud HR simply means managing HR functions and employee data online. Because an online HR system is stored on the cloud, you can log-in and manage HR functions anytime, anywhere, at home or in the office. 

Many businesses are moving to cloud based HR management to save time, manage compliance, secure data and engage employees. 

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Making the switch to online HR 

When a business decides to use a cloud-based HR system, it’s often because they want a better way of doing things.  

As an employer who needs to manage both your people and their data, do you wish: 

  • All your documents were in one place? 
  • You could access HR data anywhere? 
  • You could easily produce reports rather than trawl through information? 
  • Your employees could book holidays and check payslips themselves? 
  • Employee data was secure, away from cyber criminals? 

If any of this sounds appealing, chances are your business could benefit from cloud HR. 

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Featured Guide 

Cloud HR Management explained: A complete guide to online HR solutions 

As a growing business, are you confident you have the right HR systems in place? 

Download your free guide on all things cloud HR, including: 

  • Managing your people
  • Employee rights
  • Essential procedures
  • Protecting yourself as a business owner.

Online HR: Ideal at any scale 

Whether you have 10 employees working under one roof or thousands of staff in multiple locations, cloud HR systems benefit businesses of every size. 

  • Small  businesses can manage employee information from anywhere and stay compliant with legislation – even without dedicated HR support. 
  • HR managers benefit from more functionality and can empower employees to work from anywhere. 
  • Large enterprises and HR directors can rely on cloud HR to improve management whilst ensuring smooth integration with existing systems.
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Benefits of Cloud Based HR  

HR management can be complicated, so businesses are always on the lookout for more efficient ways of doing things.  Here’s why an online HR system can be a fantastic tool: 

  • Access HR data from anywhere

    As long as you and the people you employ have an internet connection, you can log onto a secure cloud based HR system from any location.

    Because online HR systems are hosted in the cloud, you can use any device – including desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile – whether you’re working at home, on the go, or in the office.

  • Helps manage compliance

    As an employer, you need to stay on top of the latest employment laws and legislation. Cloud based HR software enables you to do just that – because as laws change, so does the system.

    Many HR professionals view their online HR systems as a reliable and trusted member of the team. Behind the scenes, cloud HR software is updated automatically to function in accordance with the latest legislation.

  • Grows with the business

    Cloud HR management software is a flexible option for growing businesses. As your HR needs increase and you recruit more staff, you can add tailored functions and features to streamline HR processes and benefit your employees.

    Because cloud HR integrates with core business systems from other areas such as payroll and finance, it also allows you to instantly see the bigger picture rather than logging into multiple platforms.

  • Saves time

    Having all your HR information online can save you and your team time. 

    • Fast forward through repetitive form filling by inputting data into pre-designed forms 
    • Automated functionality means fewer admin tasks to take up people’s valuable time  
    • Speed up the induction process by allowing new starters to input their details online and cutting down HR’s to-do list 
    • Set up notifications and system reminders so you stay on top of incoming tasks and manage your time more effectively. 
  • Reduces costs

    Having a cloud-based HR system means you don’t need to buy new computers, storage or servers when your workforce expands. HR staff also have greater flexibility because they can access systems from home via the cloud.

    With cloud HR systems, you pay for what you need rather than for features you’re stuck with or don’t use. Online HR is an alternative to paying for a generic HR package, as you can tailor it to match the needs of your business.

  • Drives decision making

    A cloud HR system is a treasure trove of information. It’s a powerful tool to help you make key business decisions because you can filter relevant data to give you a clear and accurate picture.

    At a glance, you can instantly access detailed data when you need it. Plus, you can format into accessible infographics and must-see statistics.

  • Secure storage

    HR professionals must ensure that confidential employee information is kept secure at all times. Storing data on the cloud is one of the safest ways of handling sensitive data, including employee health records, absences and performance plans.

    Cloud HR systems are built by cyber security experts, so they have intricate security measures in place to help protect against online attacks or data breaches.

  • Seamless integration

    Logging into multiple systems to find information is a recipe for frustration and stress.

    HR cloud systems easily integrate with core business systems, such as accounting and payroll, so you can find what you need at the touch of a button.

    Different departments don’t have to chase a busy HR team to get the data they want. At a glance, they have access to information such as salaries, pensions and annual leave without waiting for answers from colleagues.

  • Empowers employees

    Online HR systems typically provide employee self-service portals, allowing employees to login to a secure platform and : 

    • book annual leave 
    • update personal information 
    • fill in online timesheets. 

    Allowing staff to complete HR tasks online can help them feel more in control of their data and working life.  

    Cloud HR also frees up the HR team to focus on people development and those crucial face-to-face moments, rather than wading through a backlog of online requests.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have lots of questions about cloud HR? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

When you’re in the process of choosing your cloud HR system, consider what your business needs and don’t be afraid to ask providers the big questions. 

You might want to ask a provider questions like: 

  • Can I add extra functions when my business grows? 
  • Will cloud HR replace time-consuming tasks such as answering holiday queries? 
  • Does the online HR software follow the latest legislation and compliance? 
  • How long does it take to migrate to the cloud? 
  • Will a dedicated team support my business during implementation? 
  • Will my team get ongoing help with any cloud HR issues? 

Not at all. When you’re ready to switch to an online HR system, the migration process is relatively quick because you don’t need to install software on multiple computers across your workspaces.  

The transfer to cloud HR systems is typically managed by specialist implementation teams to ensure migration runs smoothly. 

Payroll and HR teams work closely together, so it makes sense that cloud HR management software can easily link with payroll and finance systems. You may need to shop around to find a solution that allows you to fully integrate two or more systems. 

IRIS Cascade, for example, is a cloud HR solution that allows you to link your HR system to your payroll functions. Staff can customise their dashboards to see the bigger picture – meaning greater accuracy, productivity, information sharing, data security and understanding between departments.  

Most cloud HR providers will provide a certain level of support before, during and after migrating to the cloud. 

Solutions such as Staffology HR offer direct and ongoing support, providing services like: 

  • Training new users 
  • Demonstrating new functions 
  • Refresher courses 
  • Ongoing troubleshooting 

The possibilities of AI use in the future are mind-boggling – but don’t worry, cloud HR software won’t replace the jobs of skilled HR professionals.  

It will, however, speed up repetitive tasks, automate processes, analyse data and spot trends; so AI can be a potentially useful tool for HR teams to support decision making.  

AI advances within cloud HR will benefit HR teams and the wider workforce. Here are some predictions of how AI might support HR functions: 

  • Find and match suitable mentors with staff across a business 
  • Help discover ideal roles and projects for staff by matching skills 
  • Identify areas for concern or employee stress trigger-points and flag to leadership  
  • Manage basic HR queries using chatbots, freeing up HR teams 

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