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IRIS has payroll solutions tailored specifically to the Care industry, saving you time and resources

Ensuring an efficient payroll in the Care industry is challenging. Payroll is a critical aspect of every business, but pressures to keep up with the ongoing changes to legislation while ensuring error-free processes is an overwhelming task. Our solutions are designed to digitise and automate your payroll, enabling you to concentrate on the bigger picture.

The Challenges

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Tight budgets

Budgets within the UK Care industry are tight, and targets are high, resulting in a continuous pressure to minimise overheads while remaining efficient. 

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Staff turnover

High staff turnover creates added time-consuming tasks for payroll as employees are constantly having to be added and taken off the payroll. 

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Multiple sites

Running the payroll for various sites across the country requires an exceptional amount of time and resources, creating a huge burden for professionals. 

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Legislative changes

Legislation is always changing, placing an ongoing demand for professionals to stay up to date and compliant. 

Payroll tailored to the Care industry

Whether you’re looking for cost-effective payroll software or an easy way to keep on top of everchanging legislation, we have a solution for you.

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