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IRIS has payroll solutions tailored specifically to the Construction sector, ensuring compliant and correct processes

It’s a complex task to manage payroll in the Construction sector. Ensuring an accurate payroll that also meets your Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) requirements needs a significant amount of time and resources. Our solutions are designed to streamline and automate payroll responsibilities such as processing hugely varying working hours and pay rates, freeing up your time to focus on other business-critical tasks.

The Challenges

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Construction Industry Scheme requirements

Payroll in the Construction sector is a challenging task, especially because of CIS requirements which place an added burden on calculations.

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Different pay scales

The varied pay scales within Construction require additional time and resources to process, taking away from other business-critical tasks.

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Varied working hours

Factors such as varied working hours add an extra level of complexity to your payroll.

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Tax rates

HMRC CIS-specific tax rates need processing, and online monthly tax returns need completing.

Payroll tailored to the Construction sector

Whether you’re looking to meet your CIS requirements or an easier way to manage varied pay scales and working hours, we have a range of payroll solutions from best-of-breed software to completely outsourced solutions.

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