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Payroll tailored to the dental industry | Dental Payroll

IRIS has payroll solutions tailored specifically to the dental industry, ensuring you can manage the complications of an ever-changing workforce and focus on running your practice.

Managing payroll in a dental surgery that operates both privately and under the NHS makes processes extremely complex. Also, added factors such as staff turnover, legislative changes and tight budgets create further challenges for professionals managing payroll. Our solutions are designed to support those managing payroll by ensuring compliance with the latest legislation while also automating processes, saving dental practices both time and resources.

Key Features

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Changing legislation

Payroll legislation such as Auto Enrolment and Holiday Pay are continuously changing, placing added pressure on professionals to remain compliant.

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Financial restraints

The budget restraints placed on practices creates an underlying need for payroll processes to be streamlined and cost-effective.

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Staff turnover

Steady staff turnover requires professionals managing payroll to continuously be removing and adding employees to their practice’s payroll.

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Private and NHS services

Running a mix of private and NHS dental services requires professionals to process two different types of payroll.

Payroll tailored to the dental industry

Whether you’re looking for an easy and cost-effective payroll software
or you simply want to outsource your private payroll, we have a solution to meet your needs.

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