Success Kit: essential guides for business growth 

You start a business with a dream. 

But for many, that dream didn’t involve a lot of stresses and strains that came with it: stacks of admin, deadline-driven bookkeeping, loan applications, and strategic planning. 

IRIS Success Kit for SME’s is here to ensure the dream never becomes a nightmare.

Eliminate weaknesses, build on your strengths

Your talent was the spark that started everything, but the powerhouse it drives now needs to pay people, track paperwork, and be compliant with legislation.

Success Kit is here to help you fill gaps in your knowledge and expand your business offering.

  • New business

  • Financial management

  • Payroll

  • HR

Everything is here to get you started or give your business a boost. Whether it’s guides about best practice or practical industry insight, IRIS has what you need.

New business

We have all the marketing insight you will need to jump-start your new business.

At its core is a solid business strategy: that’s not just about writing your dreams down; it’s the magic ingredient that will please bank managers, angel investors, and potential partners. IRIS will help you develop and communicate your company focus, helping you succeed and stay on track in the process.

Speaking of staying on track, we also have information on mindset. It’s often overlooked, but if someone asked us where you might find your “edge”, we’d point you to this resource first.



Demystify the art of workforce care and administration.

Learn about policies and employment contracts. Understand how to manage performance and appreciate the pivotal role of wellbeing, putting you ahead of many competitors thanks to a happier workforce.

Find out how to recruit top talent, put good working-from-home practices in place, and make things run like clockwork with timesheets and rotas.


Financial management

A daunting area if you don’t have a specific set of skills.

We’ll take you through the bookkeeping basics step-by-step. When we’re done, you might not want to pursue it for a living (unless you’re one of our accountant or bookkeeper customers!), but you won’t panic when asked to talk through your earnings, either.

This is also the place to go if you want to know about other things you’ve only heard about but need to understand, like Making Tax Digital (MTD) and cash flow.



Know your IR35 from your Earnings On Demand.

Track your obligations – finding out about everything from the National Minimum Wage to sick pay and holidays.

Discover what processes keep everything running smooth, how to produce industry-standard payslips, and what to do at year end.



But who are we? 

It’s always good to know who’s giving you advice. 

IRIS provides services and software that help keep the country running. For example, every one in five people you pass in the street was paid with the help of an IRIS product. Accountants rely on us for our technology and our people, and HR leaders keep staff in the loop using our platforms. Hospitality companies, meanwhile, track tips using our systems and consultants. 

There’s much more, but we hope that gives you an idea. 

To enjoy this level of success, IRIS had to bring the best people aboard. It is those people who have helped us put together this great resource. 

Keep up to date

We’ll regularly update our resources so that you will get the latest insight and know-how from our teams. 

Sign up today, so you don’t miss a thing. 

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