Alan Gregory
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Posted: 17th March 2021

IRIS HR Professional Q1 2021 Product Update

January – March 2021 Update

We are constantly striving to enhance the functionality IRIS HR Professional delivers to its users. This product update provides information on new features, enhancements and fixes developed during January to March 2021.

All new features and enhancements arise from feedback and suggestions from customers.

Existing users can suggest product enhancement ideas in the Big Ideas portal available from the Guide page within the IRIS HR Professional product.

Complete release notes are available in the Guide page within the IRIS HR Professional product.

Workflow Feature

We have created a new dedicated Workflow area within Utilities > Tools. You can also access the new Workflow area through Tasks.

In the Workflow section you will be able to:

  • Use the search functionality to find a Workflow
  • View all Tasks relating to a Workflow
  • Create a new Workflow
  • Create tasks and link them to a Workflow
  • Categories your Workflows

Please review the Workflow User Guide for more information

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New Kudos Feature

Brand-new employee recognition and engagement tool, Kudos! Any employee can easily send feedback to any other employee at any time. Any achievement that a colleague or superior wants to recognise or celebrate is captured as it happens. Kudos is available as standard to all our ‘+’ customers. Please see the Kudos user guide for details on how it all works.

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Recruit Module

When a photo is present on the applicant profile within Recruit this now transfers over to the HR profile once the applicant becomes an employee. The email address from the applicant profile will transfer into the Personal Email Address field within HR.

Candidate details can now be kept by selecting the new ‘Retain info for Future Vacancies’ tick box in the recruit other tab. The tab has also been added this to the field selector in the Recruit Module.

Organisational Goals/Values

We have added an option to create Organisational Goals/Values and include these in the Perform framework. They are accessed in System Tools > Utilities > Apps > Perform Framework > Available Actions there is a new option labelled Add Organisational Goal/Values.

Once selected a new screen will open for you to complete. The Goals/Values will appear at the top of an Employee’s Perform screen once saved.

Time and Expenses

New panels have been added to Time and Expense to enable users to see a running total of number of hours worked/expenses claimed within a period. The panels are customisable so users can specify if they would like to see weekly/monthly/part monthly totals.

There is also the option to hide the panels if users don’t wish to see them all by clicking the cross on each panel. It’s possible to restore changes that have made under Available Actions > Reset Preferences.

it’s now possible to make completion of the Notes field mandatory for specific Types in both the Expenses and Time modules.

UI/UX Update: We have enhanced the Approval History screen on both Time and Expense tabs by adding a header labelled Re-request to the top of the re-request column

Document Management

Ability to delete Documents marked as Sensitive You can now delete a document marked as Sensitive.

Ability to add links to Documents tab: Its now possible to add a link to a document on the Documents tab. This functionality exists within the Company Handbook, and has been extended to the Document Tab.

Company Handbook: New functionality prevents a document being replaced once it has been accepted.

Other Product Enhancements

Release Notes: For future releases users will receive all Release communication through the IRIS HR Pro system. It is now possible to download and view Release Notes, see what features are due to be released and also look back at historic Release Notes. Click Guide > Release Notes to view.

Add charts to the dashboard: When creating a Quick Query, users can now create a chart of the results and pin this to your dashboard.

FTE Schemes: The new ‘FTE Schemes’ field allows users to set their own schemes and assign these to New Starters. The field allows users to add the total hours for that scheme and appears on the Contract tab, Lookup Tables and New Starter form

Additionally FTE now uses the Employees Hours divided by the Scheme Hours to give a more accurate FTE value.

Legislation 2021/2022 – New Starter Declaration:  We have changed the declaration to Starter Checklist and Plan Type 4 has been added. Changes will come into effect from April 2021

Team Task Functionality: When a task is sent to multiple team members users can now choose to mark the task as complete once ONE user has completed the task. A tick box has been added called Complete All and can be selected when a ‘Where Clause’ is in place. Once one team member completes the task it completes it for everyone.

Create Authorisation routes for different Absence types: Users who employ Multi-Stage Approvals, when creating an Authorisation route, can now select a specific authoriser for a specific absence type.

Please contact your Account Manager if you are interested in using Multi-Stage Approvals.

Perform: When creating/editing a Perform framework users can now move and copy Items between Groups. Simply drag and drop Items between Groups to move them. A new tick box, when selected, allows users to copy the Item you are dragging into a new location

Product customisation: Users can now update the branding on the Notes, Communication and Document labels:

  • Change the colour of the labels
  • Add a bar colour
  • Add text colour