Alan Gregory
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Posted: 26th October 2021

IRIS Payroll September 2021 Product Update

September 2021 Update

We are constantly striving to enhance the functionality IRIS Payroll delivers to its users. This product update provides information on new features, enhancements and fixes delivered in September 2021 and the July 2021 patch release.

Complete release notes are available in IRIS Payroll Release Notes

September 2021 Release Version 21.60

Report Manager

BACS Standard 18 – Modulr

Under Reports | Report Manager | BACS/Payments, we have added a new BACS Standard 18 – Modulr option. This produces a report in the correct format to load to the Modulr payments module facilitating Faster Payroll Payments.

IRIS My ePay Window


It is now possible to print P45s for employees who do not have an email address saved in Employee Details. To do this, from the P45 Report Options screen, within the Actions frame, select the new Only Employees Without Email indicator.

Holiday Balance

IRIS My ePay Window now caters for the publishing of holiday units in hours, days, weeks, and months.

Publish Documents to EPW

Report Options

When previewing a report to screen, within Report Options section, there is a new IRIS My ePay Window group. This new group contains the following options:

  • Publish
    • Publish to Employees
    • Publish to Company
  • Publish Date

From this section, you can send any reports to an employer. For Employer only reports, such as Summary Reports and Company Reports, clicking the Publish button opens a new Select Format pop-up, where you can choose your required format for the report from the drop-down list.

Note: Within Company Details, ensure to tick the IRIS My ePay Window indicator to display the group.

Options to Publish to Employees or Publish to Company

When previewing P60, P45 or payslip reports, the Publish button now displays a new sub menu with two options, Publish to Employees and Publish to Company. Choose either option to publish information to employees and/or employers using the IRIS My ePay Window platform.

Publish to Employees

When clicking Publish to Employees, the data is sent to IRIS My ePay Window using the existing process. A Confirm Publish message will display detailing the reports you are about to publish, click Yes to proceed.

Publish to Company

This process publishes to Employer user(s). Selecting Publish to Company opens the Select Format screen. Here you can choose the required format from the available drop-down list and click OK. The IRIS My ePay Window Select Users screen displays a list of users, allowing you to select the employer user(s) you want to send the documents to. Clicking OK creates the report, and the IRIS My ePay Window publishing process begins.

Payslip Messages

When publishing payslips and adding information to the Payslip | Payslip Options | Message field, the data added now sends to IRIS My ePay Window. The Message text will be displayed in the

Note field in IRIS My ePay Window and has a 2000-character limit.

Publish Preview

As part of the publishing process, when selecting any report, a Publish Preview screen displays showing a summary of the information before it is published to IRIS My ePay Window.

IRIS Payroll Release Version v21.40

Email and Phone No Fields

The Company | Company Details | Client Contact Details tab will now be visible for all licenced versions of the payroll software. If blank in the Client Contact Details tab, the Email Address and Telephone Number fields will be populated from the Online Services tab.

When sending data to IRIS My ePay Window, the Telephone Number and Email Address will be used from the data held on the Company | Company Details | Client Contact Details tab.

IRIS My ePay Window

Copy Company

When using the Copy Company feature in Admin, for companies using IRIS My ePay Window the following will happen during the copy process:

Copy Company for Receivership – This copy option will remove all IRIS My ePay Window linking IDs, such as Employer, Department and Employee.

Exact Copy – This copy option will retain all IRIS My ePay Window linking IDs.

Company Details Only – This copy option will remove all IRIS My ePay Window linking IDs, such as Employer, Department and Employee.

Publish Date

To allow you to send a Publish Date to IRIS My ePay Window, when previewing a report to screen, under Report Options, we have added a new Publish Date field. Here you can enter the date you require the payslips to be available for employees to view in IRIS My ePay Window. If this date is left blank, the system will use the current date.

NOW Pensions v1.3 Output File

If an employee has been opted into the NOW Pension Scheme, when creating the Now Pensions v1.3 output file, the following additional columns will now be populated with the employee’s Opt-in Date:

  • ENROL DATE (Column M)
  • OPTIN (Column AA)

Previous Employee Code Field Validation

The validation on the Previous Employee Code field has been increased to match the field length of 35 characters.